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Builds orb@2022-07-26 19:13:06Z on ubuntu-18.04 and orb@2022-08-05 09:36:15Z on ubuntu-18.04

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ocamlfind.1.9.5 (and additional changes)


build instruction (without common prefix) modifications, old:
[ "./configure" "--prefix=%{prefix}%" "-C" "CC=cc" {os = "openbsd" | os = "macos"} "ASPP=cc -c" {os = "openbsd" | os = "macos"} ]
[make "-j%{jobs}%"]
[ "./configure" "--prefix=%{prefix}%" "--docdir=%{doc}%/ocaml" "-C" "CC=cc" {os = "openbsd" | os = "macos"} "ASPP=cc -c" {os = "openbsd" | os = "macos"} ]
[make "-j%{jobs}%"]

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