Comparing builds

Builds retreat@2021-07-20 21:14:41Z on freebsd-12 and retreat@2021-07-27 21:19:01Z on freebsd-12

Compare in reverse direction

Opam packages removed


Opam packages with version changes


New system packages added

gettext runtime-0.21
libffi 3.3_1
mpdecimal 2.5.1
python38 3.8.11

System packages changed

bash 5.1.4_1->5.1.8
builder 4bf8581->17c460e
ca_root_nss 3.63->3.68
curl 7.75.0->7.78.0
expat 2.2.10->2.4.1
git 2.31.1->2.32.0_1
patch 2.7.6_1->2.7.6_2
pkg 1.16.3->1.17.0
readline 8.1.0->8.1.1