Comparing builds

Builds solo5-hvt@2022-02-24 13:55:25Z on freebsd-12 and solo5-hvt@2022-08-02 20:18:29Z on freebsd-12

Compare in reverse direction

Opam packages with changes in their opam file


old: src: "git+"
new: src: "git+"

System packages changed

builder 0.3.0-5-g087108a->0.3.1
ca_root_nss 3.75->3.81
curl 7.81.0->7.84.0
expat 2.4.4->2.4.8
git 2.35.1->2.37.1
orb a16d89b->
pkg 1.17.5_1->1.18.3
pkgconf 1.8.0,1->1.8.0_1,1
readline 8.1.1->8.1.2