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Builder-web - a web frontend for reproducible builds

Builder-web takes in submissions of builds, typically from builder, and displays the produced artifacts in a way that makes it easy to compare checksums and build status. Produced binaries can be downloaded and run by users.


Builder-web is a single binary web server using a sqlite3 database with versioned schemas. Finished builds from builder are uploaded to builder-web, stored and indexed in the database and presented in the web interface to the user. Users can:

The build artifacts are stored on the filesystem, its metadata is stored in the database.


Builder-web consists of a binary builder-web that runs a web server on port 3000 listening on all interfaces by default. These values can be changed with the --port and --host flags respectively. See builder-web --help for more information.

The web server expects a sqlite3 database in its data directory.

Database migrations

The sqlite3 database builder-web uses contains versioning information. On every schema change the database schema version is updated, and migration and rollback scripts are provided. The tool for database migrations is builder-migrations. See the --help output for each migration for further details.

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