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orb: check opam package reproductibility

This tool can check if an opam package build is reproductible (cf. It installs the package twice (different path & time) and check that installed files have the same hash.

Install & use

$ opam pin git+
$ orb pkg [--diiffoscope]

This project is currently in early beta.

How does it work?

orb uses an already installed opam & opam root, and it follows those steps:

With option --diffoscope, mismatching files are copied locally and their diff generated, using diffoscope.

As orb generates temporary switches, packages dependencies are installed each time (also compiler), which can be time consuming when working on a package.

--keep-switches option permit to keep those generated switches for investigation needs. To manually remove them, don't just remove directory, but use opam switch remove <sw>.


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