Reproducible OPAM builds

This website offers binary MirageOS unikernels and supplementary OS packages. If you want to use our binary packages and setup unikernels, follow these instructions. The unikernels are statically linked executables where the execution target is independent of the build platform - so even if they're compiled on a FreeBSD system they can be run on a Linux or OpenBSD host. Many are executed using a solo5 tender. The filename suffix of the unikernel binary indicate the expected execution environment:

  • .hvt: hardware virtualized - requires solo5-hvt (Linux KVM, FreeBSD BHyve, OpenBSD VMM),
  • .spt: sandboxed process - requires solo5-spt (Linux with seccomp),
  • .xen: Xen PVH virtual machine (on a Xen or QubesOS host),
  • .virtio: any virtio environment (qemu, GCE, KVM, BHyve),
  • .muen: on muen.

A persistent link to the latest successful build is available as /job/*jobname*/build/latest/. Each build can be reproduced with orb. The builds are scheduled and executed daily by builder. This web interface is builder-web. Read further information on our project page. This work has been funded by the European Union under the NGI Pointer program. Contact team if you have questions or suggestions.



Unikernels (with metrics reported to Influx)

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