Comparing builds

Builds qubes-firewall-flambda@2021-02-05 10:28:53Z on freebsd-12 and qubes-firewall-flambda@2021-02-03 09:59:48Z on freebsd-12

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Opam packages with version changes


Opam packages with changes in their opam file

ppxlib.0.15.0 (and additional changes)

ppx_deriving.5.1 (and additional changes)

bisect_ppx.2.5.0 (and additional changes)

build instruction (without common prefix) modifications, old:
["dune" "runtest" "-p" name "-j" jobs] {with-test}
["dune" "runtest" "-p" name] {with-test}

System packages changed

ca_root_nss 3.61->3.58
curl 7.74.0_1->7.74.0