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Authoritative DNS server

This is a MirageOS unikernel which is an authoritative DNS server on port 53 (TCP and UDP). The data to be served is pulled from a git remote repository. The server supports dynamic updates (NSUPDATE), zone transfer (AXFR and IXFR), all cryptographically authenticated and integrity protected with TSIG (HMAC with a pre-shared secret).

The git remote is expected to contain a flat file hierarchy where each zone to be served is a separate file. HMAC secrets are stored as DNSKEY entries in _keys zones (i.e. or _keys).

This can be used with dns-secondary, and let's encrypt for automated provisioning of let's encrypt certificates.


Considering you have a _keys file with an example HMAC-SHA256 key:

client._update. DNSKEY  0       3       163     0701XCD0muDYZIiLwv6wN/Tyoor/hd9+1zjmZ1mIlzY=

Also, take a "mirage" zone as given, and the unikernel running on "" in the following.

Interoperation with utilities from bind is given:

If a NOTIFY (RFC 1996) is received, which is signed with a known hmac secret, a git pull is done. This means an update by the operator to the zones in git can be done, but remember to send a NOTIFY afterwards. Hint: dig SOA mirage @ +opcode=notify -y hmac-sha256:client._update:0701XCD0muDYZIiLwv6wN/Tyoor/hd9+1zjmZ1mIlzY=

A NSUPDATE (RFC 2136) can trigger zone updates. Launch it with nsupdate -y hmac-sha256:client._update:0701XCD0muDYZIiLwv6wN/Tyoor/hd9+1zjmZ1mIlzY= and you'll enter an interactive session:

> server
> zone mirage
> add local.mirage 3600 IN A
> send

This will trigger:

  • (a) an update of the zone mirage,
  • (b) increment the serial in the SOA, and
  • (c) a commit and push to the git repository.

You can observe by requesting dig soa mirage @ before and after the nsupdate execution.

Installation from source

To install this unikernel from source, you need to have opam (>= 2.1.0) and ocaml (>= 4.08.0) installed. Also, mirage is required (>= 4.5.0). Please follow the installation instructions.

The following steps will clone this git repository and compile the unikernel:

$ git clone
$ mirage configure -t <your-favourite-target>
$ make depend
$ make build

Installing as binary

Binaries are available at Reproducible OPAM builds, see Deploying binary MirageOS unikernels and Reproducible MirageOS unikernel builds for details.


Please open an issue if you have questions, feature requests, or comments.


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