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DNSvizor - DNS resolver and DHCP server

This is a MirageOS unikernel which listens for DNS requests and DHCP requests in a local network. The DNS requests are resolved, and the reply is returned to the client. Each DHCP request is answered with a reply, assigning an IP to the host.

DNSvizor comes in two flavours: one (dns-only) only providing DNS service, and one (dns-and-dhcp) providing both DNS and DHCP.

Installation from source

To install this unikernel from source, you need to have opam (>= 2.1.0) and ocaml (>= 4.12.0) installed. Also, mirage is required (>= 4.5.0). Please follow the installation instructions.

The following steps will clone this git repository and compile the unikernel:

$ git clone
$ cd dns-only
$ mirage configure -t <your-favourite-target>
$ make depend
$ make build

Installing as binary

Coming soon


Please open an issue if you have questions, feature requests, or comments.


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